Join Our Family

ICE exists for us to help each other be better leaders
in business and better people in life.

Who can become a member?

Membership is curated by your local chapter Membership Committee, who are mandated to apply the membership criteria fairly and objectively.

ICE thrives on members who are open to share their experiences and give actively to the community. Our full membership criteria is outlined below;


ICE is focused on the high-growth tech ecosystem. We are a community of ambitious Founders who are growing their businesses exponentially.


We specifically serve Founders of high growth companies whose core product/service is tech-centric or predominantly tech-enabled.


We are centred around Founders, while also selectively welcoming relevant and prominent investors (angels and VC’s) who are actively investing in high-growth tech companies.


Our Founders run businesses from early to late stage. We do ask that they have a minimum degree of traction (>£350k ($400K) capital raised and/or >5 full time staff).
Transparency is a key part of our philosophy. You can see who does what on our ICE Team page.

ICE Values

These are the values we stand by and that we ask all members uphold:


We're all about becoming bigger and better - both professionally and personally. We want to be better bosses, but we want to be better people, too.


With ICE you get out what you put in. As individuals we contribute our knowledge, our time, our understanding. It's this amazing energy that keeps us learning & ICE running.


Whether just starting out, in the midst of a career, or a battle scarred veteran, we all have experience to share and something valuable to say. ICE flourishes because it is a place of trust and mutual respect.


The joy of ICE is that is takes place via day-trips, delagations, action holidays, dinners and nights out - it's a reset button. In short, it's exactly what we need.


We support each other during the highs and lows of being a Founder. We are there for each other with handkerchiefs or champagne. We are an ICE family.

Can I only join a chapter if I live nearby?

You can join whichever chapter you choose though we recommend of course you choose the one nearest geographically to you. Alternatively you could start one!
Learn more here >

Membership fees

ICE will always be not-for-profit. We ask all members to pay a minimum monthly or annual fee, to support the operation of ICE.
You can read more about ICE and how we are funded here.

An ICE family

The process to join is simple:


Click the button below to apply


Your application is reviewed (this usually happens every quarter)


If you meet the criteria you'll be invited to join an ICE Trip or an ICE Cube


After joining an ICE Trip, Retreat, Cube you'll become a full member
ICE is as much a giant family as it is a network. By attending a trip or joining a cube it builds meaningful relationships with other members, developing trust and persisting a positive culture across the group.