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CaledonICE Trip 2021

Join your fellow ICErs for a weekend of long hikes, dramatic views and log fires in the heart of Scotland.

ICE Bond Trip 2021

We'll be expecting you.....
August 13, 2021

ICE Summer Trip 2021: ICE REBirth

Our big summer trip with 100+ Founders & investors sharing the same transformational experience together
September 9, 2021

ReflectICE Trip 2021

This trip will be focussed on practising reflective learning techniques along with ICErs old and new.
October 8, 2021

ICE-Skills Trip

Entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey of learning. Join this weekend trip and with your fellow ICE-travellers to add to
October 29, 2021

ICE Annual Ski Trip

ICE's annual ski trip brings founders and investors together to build meaningful relationships on the slopes
March 10, 2022