Join an ICE Cube to bond,
share and learn from an intimate
group of your ICE peers

Harness knowledge, experience & personal growth

As a Founder of your own business, it can be hard figuring everything out yourself.

How great would it be, we thought, to have a small group of people - experienced, trusted, ready to listen and totally objective - that we could talk anything and everything through with?

With this in mind, we created ICE Cubes - groups of 8 people, who meet regularly to discuss their challenges, ideas, experiences and personal goals. No judgement, just an absolutely confidential, structured session designed to enable you to see your challenges objectively and for a group whose only goal is to help you do this.

Great friendships, new perspectives, rich experience

It’s not just about a confidential space to vent (though, of course, that is one very useful aspect.) It is using tried and true formats and structures similar to those adopted by tens of thousands of Founders and CEOs in organizations like YPO.

How does it work?

If you commit to joining an ICE Cube, this is what to expect;

Expert Training

You’ll take part in one full day of learning the proven meeting structure of our ICE Cubes (led by YPO’s Forum Coach Roni Witkin)

Monthly sessions

You’ll meet up with your Cube once every month (excluding December and August), to share ideas, challenges, frustrations and celebrations - professional and personal, it’s up to you.

Annual retreat

You’ll go on 2 day annual retreat (which will soon become one of the things you look forward to most all year)

It’s going to become a big part of your life

People in the ICE Cubes we have today fly in from abroad, do what it takes to make the session times work, as it only works if there is team commitment.  The Cube is not for everyone. That level of commitment is rare outside of business and family - and it is for that reason that successful leaders have built their own personal boards for decades using the same formula.

Your Cube Trainer

The excellent Roni Witkin has been leading ICE’s Cube training since the very beginning and has now guided over 130 ICErs through the ins and outs of Cube life. 

Roni has also been YPO Forum and Moderator Trainer since 1991 and is widely acknowledged as THE specialist in all aspects of Forum development, training and facilitation.  

With a background in psychology and organisational business development, combined with a deep understanding of Cubes, Roni’s depth of knowledge and passion for helping our Cubes succeed and flourish is resolute.  

Roni’s Forum work has taken her all around the globe, including North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Far and MiddleEast, and she has developed and delivered training programmes for Mercedes Benz,BBC, Hilton International Hotels and British Airways to name a few. 

Read on for what our members have to say about Cubes and if you want to get involved in Cubes you first need to apply to join ICE here.
Rachel Carrell

What do Cube members have to say?

“My Cube has been nothing short of life-changing! I've made such deep connections with such a range of different people. I've gained profound insights into myself and more importantly into what it's like to be in other people's shoes. My Cube has become an incredibly important part of my support system.”
Rachel Carrell
Rachel Carrell,  Founder and CEO, Koru Kids
“Being a member of one of the first ICE Cubes has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. The structured process, utmost confidentiality and honest heartfelt communication that happens in the cube has created a safe, welcome and unique environment, where I am able to share my personal, family and business highs and lows. The value that I have received from my fellow cube members is hard to describe without sounding melodramatic, but being a member of our cube has fundamentally improved and changed my life for the better, and I continue to be incredibly grateful for that.”
Bretton Putter
Bretton Putter, Founder, CultureGene 
"Joining an Ice Cube has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Voicing my challenges in an open forum and confidently knowing that the information will never be shared outside of the group is very therapeutic. The support I’ve received over the last 12 months has genuinely helped me both in business and in my personal life and I strongly recommend anyone else given the opportunity to join. Worth noting that the structure of the meeting means the feedback you receive is very different to just chatting it through on an ICE trip. Happy for anyone to give me a call if they want to find out more.”
Bretton Putter
Sach Kukadia, Director, Residently
“I made the decision to join a cube this year and I have been blown away by the trust, commitment and empathy from everyone in my group. The openness and honesty expressed by everyone from the get-go is unlike anything you'd experience elsewhere, be it from your most trusted friends or family. Along with the helpful structure of the sessions and the ability to truly open up across both our personal and professional lives, it's really heartwarming to see the continued impact outside of the sessions themselves.”
Natasha Lytton
Natasha Lytton, Head of Brand and Marketing, SeedCamp
"The number one thing I love about ICE is how it has allowed me to make so many new and deep friendships with other amazing Founders. There is no doubt that at the core of this has been my ICE cube in which, together with my five other cubies, we have shared some of the best and the worst of what we’ve worked through together. It’s been an excellent way to both hold myself accountable and get some wise, informed and varied input when I hit a problem. The cube is a big part of ICE for me and I love my cube-mates!”
Bretton Putter
Peter Nixey, Founder and CEO, Copyin
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