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ICE operates a growing number of chapters around the world.
Each chapter runs trips, events, retreats and cubes.

Not every chapter runs all types of events but as each chapters grows and matures the goal is that they do.

Annual ICE Ski Trips

With 100 or more members attending, the genesis of ICE was as a ski trip (hence the name!).
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Annual ICE Summer Trips

Our legendary ICE Summer trips have roamed the globe, from Spain to South Africa, Greece to Croatia. Every summer trip has a theme whether it be reflection, perspective or camaraderie. There are workshops for leadership, cultural events often with local entrepreneurs and “mini-cubes”.
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ICE Cubes

Our peer support groups of 6-10 members who meet monthly to discuss, in complete confidentiality, the challenges of their personal and professional lives. Optional to join, our cubes have become a key value add of the ICE experience.
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ICE Retreats

Shorter, one or two night weekend away, often within an hour’s reach of your local chapter. Retreats are ideal for those CEOs unable to travel abroad or who have children.
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Local Events

Regular dinners, monthly drinks, get-togethers, fireside chats, a picnic in a park. Our members imagination is the only limit.
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ICE Christmas Ball

An annual get together where members scrub up and look their best, dinner jackets and ball gowns lead the way.
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ICE Clubhouse

A regular date in the diary for libations and relaxation, where you know other ICErs will be gathered in a local watering hole.
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ICE Superpowers

Unconference style discussions where an ICE member shares knowledge and insights on a topic which is important to them, in support of our mission to accelerate members personal and professional development.
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